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In Memory Of Tendai Gamure

Tendai was born at Harare Hospital on 10/08/68 and he had a twin sister. Tendai always said he was born to perform and he truly loved his reggae music. In 1997 he got married to Agness Mushambi and had two children Vimbainashe and Simbarashe.

He was an ordained music minister of Triumphant Church International in London. Tendai loved the Lord and also to give back to the community. He was so passionate about kids and together with his wife had a dream to help under privileged kids and also to open nurseries, crèche and also to support or open orphanages. However in 31/07/06 he passed away and now Agness has decided to start Hope for Change Foundation in his memory.  

Tendai also known as Culture Tee started in 1981 with a group known as Africa A1 Sound and they later changed their name to Level Vibes in 1984.They were the first reggae pumping group in Zimbabwe. In 1986 they changed their name yet again to Stereo One.

The big break came when he met and teamed up with Munya Brown of Misty in Roots in 1988 and they formed the popular group Transit Crew, which was probably Zimbabwe’s biggest and most serious reggae ensemble then. Tendai recorded the single Zimbabwean Girls (look so fine) and they also recorded the effort Sounds Playing, which was their first full album before they went on to record The Message. They dedicated the song The Message to the Non-Aligned Movement who were holding a conference in Zimbabwe.

Transit Crew went international when they played at a cricket prize giving ceremony in the United Kingdom at the Brixton West Indies Cricket Club, the event was graced by the Zimbabwean ambassador to the United Kingdom.

In 1991,he returned to the UK and decided to settle there as the rest went on tour to Japan. He converted from Rastafarianism to a Born Again Christian in 1995,in 1996 he started to record the album Exceedingly Abundantly which has purely Christian content.

In 2004 he also launched a Shona album called Chiedza and all his music is reggae gospel. He loved reaching out to society through his music, he also travelled to different countries eg South Africa, United States of America,Namibia,Trinidad and Tobago,Nigeria,Switzerland and Botswana.

He was very popular in Zimbabwe and also in the United Kingdom gospel circles. He was one of the first reggae gospel singers in the UK.

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