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In Memory Of Tendai Gamure


We provide support as required by individuals or families. All our services are provided at a non-judgemental  level and confidentiality is maintained at all times.


It is very essential to support grieving individuals and families when they are grieving. When you are bereaved your emotions will be all over the place eg anger, sadness, self-blame, withdrawn, loneliness etc. One can be emotionally overwhelmed and it might seem like you can’t live again. Sometimes people will tell you not to cry but I realised that there is nothing wrong with crying. It is part of releasing your emotions and you will feel better afterwards. However take each day as it comes and accept support from those around you because they genuinely want to help. Hope4Change are available to offer their services by talking, listening, encouraging you  and refer you to experts if need be.


When you are bereaved it also affects you psychologically and that’s why at Hope4Change will offer support in this area. Your mind and thoughts will be all over the place and sometimes you feel so lost and just want the ground to swallow you. Although we all experience different emotions at different times it is essential that we don’t dwell on these feelings but find ways to deal with it and move on.  If someone is not given the right support at  the right time sometimes they will end up depressed, suicidal, alcohol and drug abuse. Personally I felt as if life was not worth living because I knew my husband for 15years and he died just before our 10th wedding annivessary. Imagine all those years seemed as if they went down the drain. It took me ages and I am still learning to live without my soul mate, my rock, husband, best friend, confident and father of my children.


It is not easy but you have to be strong and for me being a Christian gives me strength and when I feel low I call on the Lord and my soul, my spirit and my body gets revived. When my husband died I was in shock, disbelief, speechless and numb but I also remember being so angry. I didn’t think my husband deserved to die because he loved God, served Him tirelessly and he was a christian soldier, evangelist, music minister and was not ashamed of the gospel. He was just full of life, amazing  husband, father, son, brother, friend etc. God gives me comforting songs and when I call on Him I have this will to live and to know that I am not alone and also there are a lot of people who are struggling than I am. I take it as a privilege and owner to be working on this project and to see my children grow up.I pray that families will be encouraged and appreciate the gift of life and remember the good times we had with our loved ones. I believe eternity is not here on earth, we can’t live forever and we can’t  prepare for death neither can we runaway from it but all I know is our turn will come and we will all die in different ways. As much as it hurts if my time comes I would love for those close to me to carry on enjoying life not to be sad all the time and I know that my husband would have loved me and the kids to enjoy life so we try to do that and remember the good times we had.

Please feel free to contact us at Hope4Change so that you can share your grief with us, we will not judge you and your information is confidential. Just to remind you that we support families who are going through bereavement of any kind eg death, divorce, separation. We are here for you 24/7.

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