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In Memory Of Tendai Gamure

Health Promotion / Education

It is our aim to focus on health promotion and health education because when someone is going through grief it sometimes affects their health, it is very important to raise awareness on our eating habits, sleeping habits, sometimes when people are grieving they might loose their appetite or eat for comfort.

This will result in weight loss or obesity which leads to other help complications e.g. diabetes, heart disease, anorexia. In some cases people will end up with depression if they don’t have the right support therefore at Hope4Change we encourage communication and expressing your families to those close to you or professionals.

Stress is another major issue when someone is mourning and it may affect the individuals health.

Hope4Change will support families with such issues and refer them to relevant experts with the individuals consent, you’re not alone, we’ll provide health promotion, education and advice as required.

Health Promotion

Health promotion aims to