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In Memory Of Tendai Gamure

Childcare Support

Child Care’s another challenging issue because i personally found it very difficult when my husband died. I have two children and all of a sudden i was a single mother not by choice.

I had to rely on other parents, family and friends to help me, however it wasn’t easy. Even though people offered help i felt like a burden to them. I had to reflect and one day i realised that i would genuinely help others if they were in my situation and this mad it easier to accept the support.

Hope4Change will link you up with childcare providers in your area. Our support group will also help you with the right services and also meet up with other parents in the same situation. After school and breakfast clubs are very help, so please don’t feel alone, there is help out there and all you need is to be open minded and accept the services and the burden will be lighter.

Support Available