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In Memory Of Tendai Gamure

Bullying, Cyber Bullying

This is another area where by people are bullied because they have lost a loved one when someone is grieving all they need is support, sympathy empathy etc. Rather than being bullied.

Hope4Change are here to support and ensure that families especially children will know when someone is being mean because of their loss.

Some comments may seem nothing major but if you are bereaved every little thing can trigger your emotions for example A friend during an argument a friend said to the other one “get a life,” and the other friend said “i have a life, at least i have a mum and a dad.” As you can imagine how the grieving child felt, even though an apology followed, the damage was already done.

Some comments are for example “you don’t have a mum o a dad” this is bullying, especially when people know your situation, bullying does not only affect the bullied, but also family and friends, it may affect the individual’s behaviour, performance in school, it can also effect them emotionally, psychologically, self-esteem and confidence.

We at Hope4Change want the children to have trust and confidence to tell us or a trusted adult of any signs of actual bullying.

Bullying of any kind  can affect an individual in different ways and it is unacceptable. What does bullying have to do with bereavement, grief or loss? You will be surprised how horrible people can be in this world. It’s not a surprise to hear that children can be bullied because their mum or dad died, separated or divorced?. It is very important to ask our children, “how was your day?” This will start a conversation and it may lead the child to open up and you can pick up certain words or expressions so that if its bullying it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Most of us are so busy to such an extent that we don’t even know our own children at a personal level. We need to be aware of what our children are up to especially in this day of technology there is cyber bullying. Find out what happens on FACEBOOK,BBM ,MSN,TWITTER even TEXT and E-MAIL also TUMBLR,SKYPE etc.

Adults can also be bullied so we need to be open if you face any form of bullying and you need support. I have heard of families who go through tough times when there is vandalism of graves of  their loved ones,nasty things said on facebook about their late loved one. Noone need anymore grief,stress etc when you are already grieving,it is torture.At Hope 4Change we will listen, support you as much as we can and refer to the relevant experts.